Homecoming is a special time on Rocky Top. Past, present, and future Vols flock from all over to gather in Big Orange country, and we enjoy providing specific tailgates to every kind of group imaginable. One of the groups we had the pleasure of hosting this week was the Amachi Mentoring Program with the Knoxville Leadership Foundation.

The Amachi Mentoring Program hosted a tailgate full of activity and meaningful connections, and made it possible for 800 kids to attend the UTK Homecoming game.

We were thrilled to work with Amachi to bring this experience to so many.

Enjoy a few photos from homecoming and a fun filled tailgate!

Alive with fall colors, Circle Park was the perfect scene for the gathering.

Check back here for more Tailgate Tennessee recaps as you go through football season withdrawal.

By Loren Gilbert, Tailgate Tennessee- Social Media Intern

Nothing says football better than the phrase, “The Third Saturday in October.” Those five words alone are enough to send a chill up any Tennessee or Alabama fan’s spine. As always, this age-old rivalry brought out the very best of Tailgate Tennessee. Choosing the Tailgate of the Game was not an easy task, as there was no shortage of impressive displays.

This week’s Tailgate of the Game goes to none other than the Circle Park Gang. Since our first season located in Circle Park, the group has continuously shown its Volunteer pride with each turnout.

This gathering (their first TGOTG win!) stood out for its use of one of the best facets of Alabama week- the fall spirit. The tent arrangement was the embodiment of autumn and all the traditions that come along with the season.  Conversation was encouraged with the unique layout, and the added light fixture and table linens were the perfect touch. The corn stalks on the tent poles were very creative, and the mum centerpieces brought touches of fall.

The Tailgate Tennessee staff has been thrilled to work with the Queisser group for so many years and love seeing the Circle Park Gang continue to Give Their All for Tennessee on game days.



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It’s been over three weeks since UT played its last home game, which means tailgate withdrawal is in full effect. When in a tailgate drought, focusing on the positives is necessary to get us through. To make up for the lack of home games lately, we are giving the full run down on all things #TailgateTNWedding! We sat down with our winning couple, Nikki and Nate, to get the inside scoop in the days leading up to their big day.

Thank you to Texture Photography for being the official photography vendor of #TailgateTNWedding

Q: How did you find out about the #TailgateTNWedding giveaway?

A: My best friend’s mother tagged me on Facebook, she said “Try this Nikki, you may just win” So I tagged Nate & said let’s do this!

Q: What made you decide to apply for the giveaway?

A: I thought that the whole idea was unique, and having everything paid for, marrying your best friend! Why not??

Q: Which aspect of the planning process has been your favorite?

A: Meeting with All occasions, Erik & Amanda Ainge.. Sorting out many details such as tables, chairs, food, DJ, flowers & cake put my mind at ease. Everyone has went above and beyond to make our day special, which is an absolute blessing!

Q: What aspect of your wedding day are you looking forward to most?

A: Having all of our closest family and friends unite for our wedding day! That is very important to Nate & I, with life being so demanding that is something we just do not get to do often enough!

We are looking forward to seeing Nikki and Nate tie the knot soon!

By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

Hi Tailgate Tennesseers! It feels so good to get Tailgate of the Game going again. This season’s first TGOTG pulled out all the stops. Seriously- everything from catering and tent design to decorations resulted in the ultimate Tailgate Tennessee experience. We can’t wait to share all the details and photos of 901 Vols’ stunning tailgate.

901 Vols went with the Touchdown Package, which is perfect for a large gathering.

Keep reading to see all the details of this week’s Tailgate of the Game!


They had lots of sweet treats for their guests enjoy. We especially love these Vol Football themed cookies.


Their table arrangement was perfect to show their big orange pride. This layout also helps leave plenty of space for eating and conversation!

Thank you to 901 Vols for working with Tailgate Tennessee to make your game day experience epic! If you want to book a tailgate for an upcoming game, email us at tailgate@aopr.net for pricing and availability information.

by Loren Gilbert, Social Media Intern- Tailgate Tennessee

It was the year goal posts came down, the Vols went undefeated, and the 31-year National Championship drought came to an end. With the 20th anniversary of that sweet victory, Tailgate Tennessee wants to celebrate those who were lucky enough to end their tenure at UT with a big win.

If you graduated from UT in the midst of the ’98-’99 season, we want to celebrate you with 20% off a First Down package at the Homecoming game on November 3rd – when the Vols play the Charlotte 49ers. 

The First Down package, ideal for a 20th reunion of friends who all love the Vols, includes a 10×10 tent, tables, chairs, and an ice chest. Catering and several upgrades can be added to customize your turnkey tailgate experience. Your tent will be located along the Vol Walk in Circle Park, the heart of Rocky Top on game day.

If you are interested in tailgating with us for Homecoming, email tailgate@aopr.net or call (865) 356-6669.


By Loren Gilbert, Social Media Intern- Tailgate Tennessee

With Tailgate Tennessee 2018 season booking starting soon, we wanted to give an in-depth guide to everything you need to know to pick the package best suited to your gathering. We have three options and an endless number of upgrades awaiting your approval. With just a little time and some insight into our offers, you are sure to have the shining jewel of tailgates in Circle Park on game day. Here we go.
It is important to know a few things before deciding on a specific package! Knowing how many people you want to invite to your tailgate is perhaps the most important step. After that, it is nice to consider if you need a general tent area, seating options, or TV service.

First things first, the Kick-Off package.
Our starting package has just the right amount of room and accommodations for a group of any size. With a 10×20 tent, 20 folding chairs, and more, no one gets left out of game day festivities! Located on our Smokey Lawn, near McClung Museum, this bundle allows for a unique spot that’s all your own. Just keep in mind that satellite TV service provided by DISH is not available through this option, but table, chairs, and cooler upgrades are definitely available. Catering possibilities are endless with this package, and the full menus can be found at here. .

Next, we have our First Down Package.
This package is a great size for a family gathering, bridal parties, and more! A 10×10 tent and 10 folding chairs allows for just the right amount of room for socializing. DISH satellite TV service and numerous upgrades can be added to suit this option to specific needs. Located in Circle Park, this option puts your group right in the heart of the tailgating scene. Catering can be arranged and delivered at a time that works best for your needs.

Finally, the Touchdown Package.
Our most popular and spacious option of all, the Touchdown package is guaranteed to accommodate family, friends, clients, and coworkers alike. With a 20×20 tent and endless upgrade options, there are so many ways to customize this to fit your tailgating purpose. No tickets for the game and want to hang out at your spacious tailgate all day? No problem. This package comes equipped with a TV provided by DISH with all the best game day channels. Again, all packages offer catering options that will satisfy all your guests.

No matter which option you choose, you are sure to have a great time at Tailgate Tennessee on any of the home football game Saturdays. Book any game you would like beginning February 2nd for season long purchases, April 2nd for returning customers, and the Monday following the DISH Orange and White Game, April 23rd, for first time customers.

By Loren Gilbert, Social Media Intern- Tailgate Tennessee

On the day of the UT vs. Vandy game, all of Vol Nation seemed to be back from Thanksgiving with full stomachs and high tailgating expectations, and surprising to no one, Tailgate Tennessee customers did not disappoint. The weather was perfect for a Saturday in Circle Park and the 4:00 kickoff time allowed for plenty of corn hole matches and cookouts. One group brought all the spirit and looked amazing while doing so. Their decorations screamed “Go Vols” and they had a great layout! We enjoyed working with John Jones to create the perfect customized Tailgate Tennessee experience. Thank you for hosting your gathering with us!

Enjoy these pictures of their quintessential, southern tailgate!

Tailgates make the perfect group photo background!

Their layout was great for a large gathering. How perfect is that “field” carpet?

These fabric banners added a pop of orange in all the right places. How amazing is this buffet? Everything about it screams UT!

Thank you for joining in on this week’s edition of Tailgate of the Game! Even though the season is over, we will have lots of blog content coming soon. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to be updated on all the latest happenings at Tailgate Tennessee!



By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

            The showdown between the Tennessee Volunteers and the LSU Tigers will not be remembered by the monsoon that poured down during the game, but instead by the out-of-this-world tailgating that took place before either team charged the field. The 7:00 p.m. kick-off time allowed for an abundance of shrimp boils, grilling, and even a little gumbo action by our friends visiting from Louisiana. There were a host of amazing gatherings vying for the Tailgate of the Game award, but the final decision came down to the group that attracted people from all over campus.

Strader Boston Story Tailgating took home the title at the end of the day, and we can easily say it was well deserved. UT and LSU fans alike were gathered all around their tent to listen to the star of the show, the Andrews Brothers’ Dueling Pianos. Besides playing Rocky Top at least a few times every hour, the musicians played several southern classics and even a few modern favorites. By the end of the night, it seemed the entirety of Circle Park had congregated around to sing along. This tailgate truly aligned with the title “most epic tailgate on Earth.”

             Enjoy a small glimpse into this unforgettable party here and follow us on our Instagram, @tailgatetennessee, for behind the scenes videos.  

The Andrews brothers got set up early and played for fans walking by.

A little humor goes a long way on game days. 

The party got started early and continued well into the evening.

We couldn’t pass up having an honorable out of town mention this week. The Traveling Bandits Tailgate brought the entire bayou to Knoxville with a big pot of gumbo and a great atmosphere.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Tailgate of the Game. Unfortunately, there is only one more left for this season, but we will be back with much more content soon!

By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

“So here’s to you old Tennessee,

Our Alma Mater true

We pledge in love and harmony

Our loyalty to you.”

Those famous words in UT’s official alma mater song, “On a Hallowed Hill,” couldn’t have been truer for this weekend’s homecoming game. Alumni from across the state joined us to celebrate their college, and we enjoyed helping them host an epic tailgate for all their friends.

The group that stood out the most was definitely the UT Women’s Golf 25th reunion. They had a great mix of people gathered to celebrate homecoming, and the atmosphere in their tent was perfect for the gathering of old and new friends. The First Down package with a TV upgrade suited their needs well.

Here are a few snapshots from their tent to get some inspiration for your next Tailgate Tennessee experience.

The balloons added tons of detail and looked cute in the background of every photo.

The First Down package had plenty of space for a large buffet and seating for all their guests.

Thank you for checking out this week’s Tailgate of the Game!

By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

The Vols took on the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday, and once again we saw how serious Southerners take on tailgating! Brunch spreads looked better than ever for this noon game. There were many groups in the running for Tailgate of the Game this week, but one really stood out from the crowd. The UT Alliance of Women Philanthropists brought a great crowd and many unique touches. There were personalized signs and festive orange displays in all the right places! The package and upgrades they chose really came together cohesively. Thank you to Melissa Smith for organizing your Tailgate Tennessee experience, we really enjoyed working with you!

Here are some pictures from their award-winning tailgate.


The layout of their tent was perfect for socializing and watching the game.

The pole drapes add just the right amount of attention to detail. You won’t have to think twice about adding this upgrade!

These orange and white couches bring tons of character to any tailgate. They also make the perfect background for a group Instagram shot!

The letterboard and other details give tons of originality to the buffet.

Contact us if with any questions about features seen in this Tailgate Tennessee package at tailgate@aopr.net or on any of our social media. Go Vols!