Tailgate of the Game: Homecoming Edition

Tailgate of the Game: Homecoming Edition

By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

“So here’s to you old Tennessee,

Our Alma Mater true

We pledge in love and harmony

Our loyalty to you.”

Those famous words in UT’s official alma mater song, “On a Hallowed Hill,” couldn’t have been truer for this weekend’s homecoming game. Alumni from across the state joined us to celebrate their college, and we enjoyed helping them host an epic tailgate for all their friends.

The group that stood out the most was definitely the UT Women’s Golf 25th reunion. They had a great mix of people gathered to celebrate homecoming, and the atmosphere in their tent was perfect for the gathering of old and new friends. The First Down package with a TV upgrade suited their needs well.

Here are a few snapshots from their tent to get some inspiration for your next Tailgate Tennessee experience.

The balloons added tons of detail and looked cute in the background of every photo.

The First Down package had plenty of space for a large buffet and seating for all their guests.

Thank you for checking out this week’s Tailgate of the Game!

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