Tailgate of the Game: Vols vs. South Carolina

Tailgate of the Game: Vols vs. South Carolina

By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

The Vols took on the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday, and once again we saw how serious Southerners take on tailgating! Brunch spreads looked better than ever for this noon game. There were many groups in the running for Tailgate of the Game this week, but one really stood out from the crowd. The UT Alliance of Women Philanthropists brought a great crowd and many unique touches. There were personalized signs and festive orange displays in all the right places! The package and upgrades they chose really came together cohesively. Thank you to Melissa Smith for organizing your Tailgate Tennessee experience, we really enjoyed working with you!

Here are some pictures from their award-winning tailgate.


The layout of their tent was perfect for socializing and watching the game.

The pole drapes add just the right amount of attention to detail. You won’t have to think twice about adding this upgrade!

These orange and white couches bring tons of character to any tailgate. They also make the perfect background for a group Instagram shot!

The letterboard and other details give tons of originality to the buffet.

Contact us if with any questions about features seen in this Tailgate Tennessee package at tailgate@aopr.net or on any of our social media. Go Vols!


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