Tailgate of the game: Vols vs. UGA

Tailgate of the game: Vols vs. UGA

By Loren Gilbert- Social Media Intern, Tailgate Tennessee

The atmosphere in circle park was indescribable the morning leading up to this year’s Georgia game. There were so many over-the-top tailgates, including tents with live music, orange and white flower arrangements, and extremely delicious catering. Selecting a Tailgate of the Game has never been more fun or challenging. The final decision came down to atmosphere this week, and our winner definitely brought the party. Our champions were Spike and Lisa Tickle. The perfect combination of enthusiasm, decorations, and catering made their tent the place to be. They had dozens of guests, UT and UGA fans alike, enjoying themselves at the bar, food table, and a comfy, white couch. Thank you for booking your Tailgate Tennessee experience.

Here are a few highlights from their tent.

We love how they utilized their tables and linens to lay out this serious food spread.

This white, leather couch upgrade is one of our favorites. It adds seating in the perfect spot to enjoy the game coverage all day long.

We love the “grass” covering the table. The orange and white shaker also adds a festive touch.

Our favorite aspect of this tailgate had to be these plates. They were made using fallen palm tree leaves and a power T branding tool.

Choosing a tailgate this week was such a challenge. We love that everyone went all out, and we can’t wait for the rest of the games this season. Go Vols!

3 thoughts on “Tailgate of the game: Vols vs. UGA

  1. I loved seeing this. Tailgating is one of my favorite parts of game day! This let me see the best of the best even when I couldn’t make it!! Go Vols!!

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